Wedding Resources
Lodging in Anchor Bay, Gualala, Manchester,
Point Arena, The Sea Ranch, & Timber Cove

There is a wide variety of different types of lodging available in this area including excellent campgrounds and RV parks, motels, a nineteenth century hotel, bed & breakfasts,
a lighthouse, some cottages, and numerous vacation homes. We recognize that
tastes and budgets differ and so our list is as extensive as possible.



Anchor Bay Campground
Highway One, Anchor Bay

Gualala Point Regional Park
Off of Highway One, Gualala

Gualala River Redwood Park
46001 Gualala Road, Gualala

Manchester KOA Campground
44300 Kinney Road, Manchester

Ocean Cove Campground
Highway One, Ocean Cove

Salt Point Campground
Highway One, Salt Point State Park


Surf Motel
39170 S.Highway One, Gualala

The Sea Shell Inn
135 Main Street, Point Arena


Gualala Hotel
Highway One, Downtown Gualala


Coasting Home
39040 S.Highway One, Suite 3, Gualala

Ocean View Properties
39200 S.Highway One, Gualala

Rams Head Rentals
1000 Annapolis Road, Sea Ranch

Sea Ranch Escape
Sea Walk Drive, The Sea Ranch

Sea Ranch Vacation Rentals
39175 S.Highway One, Gualala

Tree House for Two
Anchor Bay


Mar Vista Cottages
35101 S.Highway One, Anchor Bay

Point Arena Lighthouse Cottages
Lighthouse Road


B. Bryan Preserve
130 Riverside Drive, Point Arena

Breakers Inn
39300 S.Highway One, Gualala

Coast Guard House
695 Arena Cove, Point Arena

Gualala Country Inn
Highway One, Downtown Gualala

North Coast Country Inn
34591 S.Highway One, Gualala

Sea Cliff
39140 S.Highway One, Gualala

Sea Ranch Lodge
Sea Walk Drive, The Sea Ranch

The Secret Garden
38201 S.Highway One, Gualala

36100 S.Highway One, Gualala

36601 S.Highway One, Gualala

Timber Cove Inn
Highway One, Timber Cove

Whale Watch Inn
35100 S.Highway One, Gualala

Wharf Master's Inn
785 Port Road, Point Arena

We've linked the various property names above to their web sites so that you can
check each property out for yourself and select the ones that fit your needs.

We strongly recommend that you make a reservation before you come
- particularly on holidays and during the summer.