Wedding Resources
Things To Do in Anchor Bay, Gualala, Manchester,
Point Arena, The Sea Ranch, & Timber Cove

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Let's face it, while the bride and groom will inevitably be involved in a lot of "getting ready,"
many of the guests will have an odd moment or two between the rehearsal dinner and
the wedding. They will understandably want to know what there is to see and do in
this area. Fortunately there are plenty of things that will keep them occupied.

Wine tasting at Annapolis Winery

Wild African Animals at B. Bryan Preserve

Eighteen holes of golf at The Sea Ranch Golf Links

Exploring miles and miles of walking paths and hiking trails

Browse a collection of original Ansel Adams photographs at Alinder Gallery

Tide pooling, beachcombing, diving along the most beautiful coast in the world

Admiring and perhaps purchasing the work of local artists in our galleries

Bird watching and wildflower photography on the ocean bluff

Kayaking in the river and maybe going for a swim too

Check out living here at F. Allen Real Estate

Fishing in the river or on the open sea

Buy a flower for your friend

Obviously everybody is different and we all like to do our own thing, but we guarantee
that your friends and family will find plenty of activities to keep them occupied while
they are here. Best of all there are no tickets to purchase and no rules to follow.
it is a place to have a quiet moment and perhaps think about important
things like family, friends, and maybe even love.

It is an absolutely wonderful place to get married.